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Games to Play at a Kids Party

By: Anthony Stringer BA (hons) - Updated: 23 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
Games To Play At A Kids Party

Planning a selection of games for a kid’s party can become stressful and time consuming, especially when you are unsure of the reaction you will get from the kid’s. This is why we suggest involving a child when planning the games as you can choose the games from their reaction – if they get excited then the rest of the kid’s are likely to enjoy the game too.

To help you out we have picked a selection of games that have been applied to kid’s parties and have usually been a complete success with the kid’s thoroughly enjoying themselves. Although games such as ‘Simon Says’, ‘Pin the Donkey’ and ‘Musical Chairs’ are fun and extremely effective during a kid’s party, we selected a few games that are a little different and slightly outside the box to really enhance the fun of the party.

These games are aimed at kids aged 7-12 years old but this is just a rough guide. The adult who is organising the party should take into account whether these games are suitable for their specific party.

Marshmallow Castle

This is a fun game that children enjoy, especially as the game includes a delectable treat. Split the kid’s into teams of about three. Then hand each team around 25 marshmallows and roughly 15 toothpicks. Explain that the group have 5 minutes (or however long you feel is appropriate) to build the tallest castle with the toothpicks and marshmallows. The team with the tallest marshmallow castle wins. You can find healthy marshmallow recipes that are sugar free and are a much healthier option for the kid’s.

Balloon Poppers

This is a very active game but is always thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that takes part. Before everyone arrives blow up some balloons – enough for one per guest – then attach the balloon with some string or a rubber band to their foot. Once everyone has a balloon attached explain to the group that when the music starts they have to try and pop each other’s balloons. Start playing the music. The group should then start popping each other’s balloons. The last person with a balloon is named the winner. Ensure that everyone wears shoes to guard their feet and always supervise. This is a great game that brings a lot of laughter to the party. You will need a large open space for this game.

Dress Like A Grown Up

This is a fantastic game that involves kid’s dressing up, which is always met with enthusiasm. You will need a fairly large area for this game. Before the party, gather together lots of adults clothes such as trousers, t-shirts, shirts, ties, shoes, socks and hats. You want more than one of each and preferably 3 or 4 of each depending on the size of the group. Now place the clothes in the middle of the area that you will be playing the game in. Shuffle the clothes about so they are thoroughly mixed up. Then, instruct the kid’s to form a circle around the heap of clothes. Explain that when the music starts they have to run into the circle and start getting dressed. When the music stops the kid’s must stop getting dressed. Whoever is the best dressed wins the round and therefore wins a prize. This great game allows the kid’s to dress up and is a simple game that can be played until the kid’s get bored.

These games are a little different to the regular games played at kid’s parties and may win you some extra points from your guests. However, any game that grabs the attention of the kid’s and is met with enthusiasm from them is always a winner, so just work with the kid’s reactions to each game and don’t be afraid to just stop a game if it is not appealing to them.

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